Loft insulation in Sussex

At RSI, we offer comprehensive loft insulation with hand laid and blown insulation for those hard to treat areas, which will significantly help to reduce the energy required to heat your home.

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Save on energy costs

A quarter of the heat in your home escapes through the roof. To prevent this RSI offers quality loft insulation services to help dramatically reduce heat loss and reduce your energy bills.

Most homes already have loft insulation installed but may have an insufficient depth (50-100mm) while current standards stand at about 270mm. Installing or topping up your current loft can improve heating efficiency and give you an estimated saving of up to £220 per annum. You can speak to our friendly and professional staff today for more information about our loft insulation services.

What you can expect from us

  • Fire retardant insulation
  • Pipe insulation and water tank insulation
  • Competitive prices
  • Free survey and consultation
  • High quality materials

    For all of our insulation work, we use high quality materials that are non-toxic and contain no chemical additives or binders.
    RSI also provide property maintenance services all across Sussex.

    Contact RSI for loft insulation services throughout Sussex.


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